To COMPANIES and ENTREPRENEURS, the Law Firm Iaconi dedicates a specific and timely organization, supported by computer technology, structured in detail and time-tested, in order to respond in a rapid and competent way to the needs of Clients who are typically dynamic and engaged on several fronts.

The Firm aims to be a point of reference to be trust in over time and with which to compare for challenges of a socio-economic reality in continuous evolution, in order to assume with awareness contingent business decisions and the best strategies for emerging difficulties.

Using the latest technologies, the firm is able to offer companies a service particularly rapid, practical and effective. For instance, through the service of "express-mail", we provide replies within a few hours from the request. In addition, through the "online access", it is also possible for Clients to have a direct access to their computer file.

By way of example, some of the services provided:

  • judicial assistance in civil and criminal matters;
  • litigation and arbitration;
  • judicial and extrajudicial credit recovery activities and assistance in related matters;
  • provision of written and oral legal opinions;
  • participation in business meetings when legal support is needed;
  • participation and assistance in any conciliation sessions;
  • employment law advice (layoffs, sanctions on employees, hiring, interpretation of National Collective Labour Agreement, etc.); 
  • extrajudicial assistance for claims for compensation, refunds, oppositions, etc. presented to insurance companies, government agencies, etc.;
  • assistance in the interpretation and application of laws and contracts;
  • reporting of court decisions in the field of corporate interest (work, business, corporate);
  • identification of possible civil and criminal liability in the performance of various business functions;
  • study and drafting of typical and atypical contracts;
  • assistance in transactions: compulsory compliance, resolution, compensation;
  • assistance in commercial transactions;
  • assistance in bankruptcy and other insolvency proceedings.