Compliance with the code of ethics


Information on professional activities.

The lawyer can give information about his professional activities.

The content and form of the information must be consistent with the purpose of the protection of the community and meet the criteria of transparency and truthfulness whose respect is verified by the competent Council of the Order.
As for the content, information must be in accordance with truth and fairness and cannot have as its subject confidential information or information covered by professional secrecy. A lawyer may not disclose to the public the name of his clients, even if they will allow.
As to the form and the manner, the information must respect the dignity and decorum of the profession.
In any case, the information must not take on the characteristics of misleading, appreciative, comparative advertising.
I. A non-profit purpose allows the organization and sponsorship of seminars, training courses and professional conferences on subjects related to the legal profession by lawyers or companies or associations of lawyers.
II. The indication of the name of a deceased lawyer, who has been part of the study, is allowed, unless the practitioner at the time had expressly provided for it by will or disposed by will to do so, so that there is unanimous consent of his heirs.

Article 17a - Information modalities.

A lawyer who wishes to give information on his professional activity must indicate:
•) the name of the law firm with the indication of the names of professionals who compose it if the profession is carried out in a partnership or company;
•) the Council of the Order to which each member of the law firm is registered;
•) the headquarter of the law firm, any secondary offices and addresses with an indication of address, telephone, fax numbers, e-mail and web site, if enabled.
•) the professional title of the foreign lawyer that allows him operation in Italy, or that allows the Italian lawyer to exercise abroad the legal profession in accordance with the Community directives.

He can specify:
•) academic qualifications;
•) postgraduate diplomas obtained at academic institutes;
•) a license to practice before the higher courts;
•) the areas of exercise of the profession and, within these, any subjects of main activity;
•) known languages;
•) the logo of the law firm;
•) the details of the insurance policy for professional liability;
•) any certification of quality of the law firm; the lawyer who wishes to make mention of a quality certification must file with the Bar Council the valid proof of certification and complete indication of the certifier and the area of application of the certification officially recognized by the State.

The lawyer can only use the web sites with own domain and directly attributable to him, the law firm or the law firm in which he participates, subject to timely reporting to the Council of the Order of the membership form and content in which it is expressed.
The practitioner is responsible for the content of the site, and he should disclose the information contained in the first paragraph.
The site cannot contain commercial and/or advertising references by indicating directly or through banners or pop-ups of any kind.